Designers Who Excel at the Art of Pattern Drenching

Conventional wisdom tells us that too many busy patterns in a space equal chaos. But designers are rethinking this notion by exploring the interplay of scale and proportion in a technique known as pattern drenching. It’s an art form, finding commonalities among varied patterns for an approach that’s bold and offbeat yet ultimately cohesive.

The unabashed use of color has become one of the defining characteristics of contemporary interiors. But designers aren’t stopping at color. Instead, they’re going further with a technique known as pattern drenching. Rooms saturated in rich, layered motifs—from upholstery to walls to ceilings—offer a stark contrast to minimalism, signaling a new era in design. This trend, embraced by studios like Reath Design, Shannon Eddings, and Heidi Caillier, leaves no surface untouched. It’s an art form of interplay, finding commonalities among varied patterns for a visual narrative that’s bold and offbeat yet ultimately cohesive. Through the work of six design studios across the U.S., we’ll explore different iterations of this trend, showcasing the power of pattern.

Reath Design

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Trendy or not, pattern drenching has always been part of Reath Design’s DNA. Their eccentric application of color, pattern, and textiles is evident throughout their work, from residential projects to their debut collaboration with Kalon. Florals, stripes, and checks layer seamlessly, creating spirited yet thoughtful spaces that evoke feeling. Reath Design’s ability to mix and match patterns results in interiors that are both playful and sophisticated, elevating pattern drenching to an art form. A favorite example? Their recent Maine project featured in Arch Digest.

Photography by Laure Juliet

Whitney McGregor

Location: Greenville, South Carolina

With a design perspective that seeks to redefine tradition, Whitney McGregor has a knack for bringing old homes back to life with a fresh Southern aesthetic. In her portfolio, you’ll find endless examples of pattern drenching, pairing stripes with florals or plaid with animal print, making sense of seemingly eclectic combinations. McGregor’s ‘grand millennial’ style exemplifies the art of blending bold patterns, creating spaces that feel of the moment yet inherently timeless.

Photography by Laurey Glen

Kristen Panitch

Location: Santa Monica, California

Stripes, florals, plaid, and paisley prints all have a place in Kristen Panitch’s work—sometimes even in a single room. Using muted earth tones as a common ground, she can take seemingly unrelated patterns from chaos to cohesion. In her portfolio, pattern drenching often entails many small-scale motifs mixed alongside one another, avoiding overwhelming the space. Her skillful blending of motifs creates interiors that feel warm and inviting, yet visually immersive.

Photography by Tim Lenz and Victoria Pearson

Heidi Caillier

Location: Seattle, WA

The widely-followed work of Heidi Caillier has become synonymous with pattern drenching. Whether it takes the form of bold stripes or wall-to-ceiling florals, she’s never been one to shy away from taking risks. Her nearly heroic use of pattern transforms spaces into rich, textured environments. Her spaces feel comforting and familiar, yet each one tells a unique, visually engaging story. By masterfully combining motifs, Caillier creates interiors that are both timeless and refreshing.

Photography by Haris Kenjar

Shannon Eddings

Location: Austin, TX

Drawing on some of the most defining decades of interior design, Shannon Eddings layers spaces with a nostalgic flair. As seen in her recent project, a 70s-Inspired Bachelor Pad, she channels eclectic English design, blending classic elements with bold, modern twists. Eddings is a risk-taker with color and pattern, unafraid to mix vibrant hues and daring prints time and time again. This fearless approach is pattern-drenching at its finest, transforming ordinary spaces into vibrant homes that tell a story.

Images via Molly Culver

Studio Day Design

Location: Minneapolis, MN

The secret to a good pattern drench lies in scale, a fact Deidre Webster of Studio Day Design knows well. Her Minneapolis-based studio specializes in historic remodels, bringing a fresh perspective to centuries-old homes with a keen eye for proportion and detail. In many spaces, you’ll find examples of head-to-toe pattern play with like-minded motifs that complement rather than compete. Botanical wallcoverings are often Webster’s pattern application of choice, balanced with geometric patterns in rugs and textiles.

Photography by Taylor Hall O’Brien and Canary Grey

In this discussion of pattern drenching, we’d be remiss not to mention The Interior Collective x Chasing Paper collection. From English inspired motifs to hand carved stripes, this collection is a whimsical, nuanced study in contrast with one part English garden and one part Texas grit. Browse the collection and discover your favorite.



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