Summer Kick Off Menu Plan + Shopping List

Here at team IDCO, our love of fresh peaches knows no bounds. We’ve featured peaches on our menus in countless different ways, but this week we’re making these quintessential summer fruits the real star of the show.

First up, we’ll be going savory with a Chicken Peach Ricotta Pizza, followed by a Grilled Peach Steak Salad. And as your “anytime” snack, we’ll be sharing a Summer Grazing Charcuterie Board featuring the yummiest cheese, nuts, jams, and, you guessed it — peaches.

Just in case you hadn’t heard, peak peach season lasts about eight weeks total, so we’ve got to live it up while we can.


recipe & photo via Recipe Runner

Chicken Peach Ricotta Pizza

You know we love a good pizza around here, and this sweet and savory combo instantly caught our attention. You’ll use a mixture of pesto and ricotta as your base and sprinkle on mozzarella, chicken, and peaches before it goes into the oven. Add your arugula and balsamic glaze just before serving, and you’re ready to enjoy!

recipe & photo via Half Baked Harvest

Melon Basil Burrata Salad with Crispy Prosciutto

Half Baked Harvest is never afraid to try unexpected flavor combos, and that’s exactly why we love her. In this summertime salad, she’s bringing melon, tomatoes, prosciutto, and basil together in one delicious dish and it’s a total stroke of genius. Serve this salad with some crusty bread and olive oil, and you’ve got a restaurant-quality meal at home.

recipe & photo via Paleo Running Mama

Chicken Pesto Stuffed Sweet Potato

It’s time to break out the basil because this recipe is all about the pesto-forward flavor. You’ll stuff your sweet potatoes with basil-coated shredded chicken and let your oven do all the magic. This recipe also happens to be paleo and Whole30 compliant, if that happens to be your thing.

recipe & photo via Healthy Little Peach

Grilled Peach Steak Salad

Who better to bring us peach-inspired meals than Mac of Healthy Little Peach? She’s sharing her recipe for a 30-minute grilled peach steak salad and (spoiler alert), it’s one of the best things we’ve eaten all summer. The best part of this meal is the homemade peach vinaigrette that coats your greens and steak to perfection.


recipe & photo via Love & Lemons

White Bean Dip

It’s time for hummus to step aside because this white bean dip from Love & Lemons is the new cool kid in town. It’s so easy to make in your food processor (we’re taking five minutes tops!) and pairs great with veggies, pita, tortilla chips, and more. We’ve made this dip no less than three times already, and it’s going to be one of our new go-to snacks, for sure.


recipe & photo via Pizzazzerie

Summer Grazing Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are having a pretty big moment these days, and it’s not hard to see why. Snacking boards are an easy, no-cook solution to entertaining, but we’ve also been known to use them in place of a meal for the ultimate date night in. We love switching things up depending on the season, and Courtney of Pizzazzerie’s summer version does exactly that. She’s pairing the charcuterie board staples (cheese, nuts, prosciutto, and crackers) with seasonal fruits like watermelon, cherries, berries, and peaches, of course.


recipe & photo via This Worthy Life

Blueberry Smash Tea

Iced tea is a summertime must, and this blueberry smash variation is absolutely calling our name. Tatanisha and Derrick of This Worthy Life are walking us through their mocktail of choice, which features hibiscus berry tea, blueberry smash sweetener, a hint of citrus, and fresh mint leaves to tie it all together. Whip this up on a hot summer night, and you’ll have a drink your whole family can enjoy.



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