Trending: Tiled Bathtubs and Sinks

My good friend Claire Brody recently took me on a tour of her incredible mid-century house flip. I couldn’t even begin to list all the standout design features, but the tiled bathtub was one of the most intriguing. I’m talking a deep Roman-style sinking tub fully tiled inside and out. It’s the kind of bathtub that allows you to fully submerge with an aesthetic that feels night and day different than its white acrylic counterpart.

Since that tour, I haven’t stopped thinking about that full-tiled look and began to notice it elsewhere. Tiled bathtubs and sinks have shown up in recent projects by Katie Lockhart and Jake Arnold, which gives me full confidence this trend is bound to go mainstream. Scroll on for my favorite inspiration photos from designers around the world.

Inspiration for Tiled Bathtubs and Sinks

Floating tiled sink with pink zellige tiles, design by Jake Arnold

Design: Jake Arnold | Photography: Michael P. H. Clifford


Jake Arnold’s Fort Lauderdale project was recently published in Architectural Digest and is best described as a work of art. Among the home’s countless noteworthy features is this guest bathroom set on the main floor. Jake created a zellige tiled floating sink in a muted mauve hue. The tiling creates such a dramatic effect within a relatively smaller space, which was exactly the intent.

Forest green tiled bathtubs and sinks, design by Katie Lockhart
Forest green tiled bathtub, design by Katie Lockhart

Design: Katie Lockhart Studio | Photography: Neeve Woodward


Katie Lockhart is a New Zealand-based designer whose recently come on my radar. She uses materials in such interesting ways, including tiled bathtubs and sinks. Or in this case, tiling the entire surface space of a bathroom. Mark my words; she’s one to watch.

Roman soaking tub with tile inside bathtub, design by Claire Brody
Roman soaking tub with tile inside bathtub, design by Claire Brody

Design: Claire Brody Designs | Photography: Jenna McElroy


This is THE tiled bathtub referenced above, designed by Claire Brody. She created the most luxurious Roman soaking tub using a tile and grout color combo in organic, earthy hues. After seeing this tub in person, I can confirm it’s even more striking than a single image can capture.

White tiled bathtubs and sinks with copper hardware, design by Home Studios

Design: Home Studios | Photography: Brian Ferry


Brooklyn-based Home Studios specialized in hospitality work but recently began a foray into residential design. This bathroom comes from their Bond Street project and features—you guessed it—the coolest tiled bathtub and sink. Copper hardware accentuates the grout color and brings an entirely unexpected look to white tile.

Tile surround on tub-shower with archway, design by Heidi Caillier

Design: Heidi Caillier Design | Photography: Haris Kenjar


Ok, hear me out. While this doesn’t technically fall into the tiled bathtubs and sinks category, this example was too beautiful not to include. Heidi Caillier reclaimed the look of a tub-shower combo with a tile surround and charming archway. I know tub-shower combos have gotten a bad reputation over the years, but there’s no denying how tile can completely transform the vibe.

Fully tiled bathtub by designer Katie Lockhart

Design: Katie Lockhart Studio | Photography: David Straight


I had to add one more tiled bathtub by Katie Lockhart to this line-up. The color blocking effect is so fun, while all the material selections make the space feel luxurious. Really, who wouldn’t want to unwind here at the end of a long day?

Tell me: how do you feel about tiled bathtubs and sinks? If you’ve featured this in your work, I’d love to see it—tag #IDCOatHome for a chance to be featured.

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