The Return of Yellow Interiors

Yellow has emerged as a bold yet versatile hue, transforming spaces with its vibrance and warmth. From new builds to historic homes, designers are increasingly applying yellow to kitchens, living spaces, and beyond, demonstrating its adaptability and timeless charm. This sunny hue is making a noticeable comeback as designers embrace yellow on their own terms.

Design and Photography by Neptune

Yellow is a color that often falls into the risk-taker category. It’s treated cautiously, perceived as less safe than its neutral counterparts. But when used thoughtfully, designers are demonstrating how versatile yellow can be, even in more traditional contexts. Variations of this warm, sunny hue have recently shown up everywhere in modern English kitchens and throughout the home, reflecting a fresh take on its cheerful charm. If you’ve been hesitant about yellow interiors, these designer-led spaces might convince you otherwise.

Design by The Misfit House, Photography by Kristin Karch, Kitchen Paint Color “Late Wheat”

The History of Yellow Interiors

Yellow has played a big role in interior design history, evolving as a symbol of various cultural meanings and design movements. During the Renaissance, yellow gained popularity in European interiors, symbolizing enlightenment, seen in the gilding of Baroque and Rococo architecture. But, it wasn’t until the 20th century that yellow really took off, particularly during the mid-century modern era, where 1960s and 70s designers embraced its punchy vibrance. Today, yellow interiors have made a quiet return with a more muted and subdued approach. British kitchen designers at deVOL and Plain English have repeatedly used golden shades of yellow in their custom cabinetry lines, beginning a movement to showcase its more sophisticated side.

Design and Photography by deVOL Kitchens

Design by Oho Interiors, Photography by Judith Marilyn

A Fresh Take on Yellow

Our 2024 Design Trend Report highlighted the reemergence of yellow, especially in kitchens. Muted shades of mustard and ochre dominate cabinetry, while maximalist designers like Studio Ashby are unapologetically applying yellow to the walls for a bold splash of color. This revival of yellow reflects a larger shift where today’s designers are taking the mentality that no hue is off limits.

Design by Studio Ashby, Photography by Kensington Leverne

Design by Caroline Levenson Design, Photography by Bess McKinney

Design and Photography by Plain English Design

The Best Yellow Paint Colors

Choosing the right shade of yellow really sets the tone for a space. These are the most sought-after hues that have become designer favorites.

“Late Wheat” by Benjamin Moore

This warm and inviting yellow paint color has a rich, earthy tone reminiscent of golden wheat fields bathed in sunlight. It’s muted yet vibrant, pairing beautifully with natural wood accents, neutral tones, and earthy textures.

“Sudbury Yellow” by Farrow & Ball 

Inspired by the ochre tones found in historic English buildings, “Sudbury Yellow” is a timeless classic. It’s deep and luxurious, evoking a sense of tradition ideal for dining rooms, libraries, and English-inspired kitchens.

“Pale Hound” by Farrow & Ball

This soft and subtle yellow hue has a delicate warmth that complements a range of styles. It adds a touch of cheerfulness without overwhelming the space.

Design by Avery Cox, Photography by Lindsay Brown

Design and Photography by deVOL Kitchens

Design and Photography by Neptune

India Yellow” by Farrow & Ball

This deep mustard yellow captures attention with its moody demeanor, perfect for creating focal points or adding a playful accent.

“Hawthorne Yellow” by Benjamin Moore

A sophisticated and timeless yellow that strikes a balance between traditional and contemporary, adding a touch of elegance and refinement to interior spaces.

“Lemon Chiffon” by Sherwin-Williams

This soft and creamy yellow shade brings a sense of serenity, creating a harmonious backdrop for various design elements and decor styles.

Design by Pernille Lind Studio, Photography by Joachim Wichmann

Design by Yond Interiors, Photography by Erin Little, Paint Color “Sudbury Yellow”

Yellow’s careful balance of vibrance and warmth brings a breath of fresh air to interiors, infusing them with a huge dose of personality. Its versatility works throughout the home, showcasing designers’ creativity and willingness to experiment with color for more daring interiors—and that’s a trend we’ll always champion.



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